Triple Your Pleasure

April 5, 2007 9:58 pm

Another one of those triple days, running in the morning, road biking in the afternoon and mountain biking in the evening. The run was the big effort for me today because it was a speed workout and with the marathon peaking around the corner I am trying to follow the Runner’s World Smart Coach training program rather closely.

This program has you input several things, including a recent race time and the number of miles you are running. For this week it called for a tempo run, total of 8 miles with 5 hard miles at a 7:15 pace.

I was not quite sure I could keep that pace for 5 miles, but thought I should give it a shot. After a easy one mile warmup I kicked it in and was 7:06 for the first mile, then slowed down a bit, even more when I hit the hill. But the last mile was sub 6:58. This chart shows my splits, heart rate and altitude for the 8 miles. My pace for the 5 hard miles comes out to 7:13, so I was right on target. My heart rate went as high as 173, while climbing.

No, the hill is not as steep as it looks on this chart, but there is a definite grade up, which accounts for the faster time on the last mile because that was on the downside part. Click the chart to enlarge.

4-5-07 Speed Workout

7-5-07 Splits

I heard from my son who just returned from a business trip to Boston that it was cold there. The thought had not even crossed my mind to check the weather. All the marathons I have run have been in nice weather and it has been nice here in California. So I got on the internet and see that it is going to snow in Boston and even the 10 day forecast show a high in only the mid 40’s. Guess it is going to be on the cold side so I need to take the right clothes, and prepare for cold and rain, just in case.

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