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Intervals for Thanksgiving

November 22, 2007 3:06 pm

It is Thanksgiving Day. Although it is sunny, it is cold up in Washington State where we are spending the holiday. I felt I needed to get out on the bike so I headed out to do some intervals. After a 15 minute warm-up, I did repeats of 7 minutes hard, 3 minutes easy. I was able to get in 5 such repeats and then bike easy back home for a 26 mile ride.

Biking up here is not that good and I have to go on roads that have quite a bit of traffic and no bike lane. However being a holiday made it much better because of the reduced traffic.

In 10 days I have another race, a four man time trial. I just felt I could not take the whole week off from training. I have been running but that is not the same. For the first few days we were up here it was cloudy and cold. Yesterday we finally saw some sun so I did get in a short ride. It is sunny again today but cold. I went over this morning to buy a newspaper and there was ice on the windshield. I waited until after noon before I went out biking. It was a good way to workup and appetite for turkey.