DMD Training – Week 9 of 16

February 25, 2008 11:35 pm

After getting off to a good start for this year, my cycling too a hit for two weeks. The first week we were out of state to watch the grandkids. We did take our bikes up there but it was cold in Washington State and I didn’t get in that much riding. After I returned to California I did get in a good ride to watch Stage 3 of the Amgen Tour of California, but after that we had 3 days of straight rain. This week the weather has been great and I am back into fully training mode.

I have been writing an article for the club website on training for a tough double century, called The Big Climb. It is where you combine the long miles of a double century with a lot of climbing, in excess of 15,000 feet. In 2007 I completed such an event last year called the Devil Mountain Double, maybe the most difficult double century in California. Last year it was unusually hot weather and although I finished it was not easy. Having run the Boston Marathon only 12 days early probably did not help either. I am determined to do a better effort at training and have developed a program which I have included in my article.

Part of my training for the DMD is to do the Solvang Double Century 4 week earlier. The following four charts track my training for DMD. For each chart I plot my training for 2008 compared with both my actual for last year and against my training plan. The first two are accumulated miles ridden and feet climbed. Click all charts to view enlarged.

DMD Training Accumulated Miles as of Week 9

DMD Training Accumulated Feet Climbing as of Week 9

The next two charts show the weekly targets for both the longest ride of the week and the weekly total for climbing. In 2007 the dips from Week 14 to 16 were due to running the Boston Marathon, which made the final training for DMD difficult. That will not be the case this year. Click to enlarge.

DMD Training Long Weekly Ride as of Week 9

DMD Training Weekly Climbing Feet through Week 9

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