Henry Coe Hill Climb

March 21, 2008 7:41 am

Yesterday in the morning I rode on the tandem with Ann for about 36 miles. I needed to get in more riding since I am in double century training so as soon as I returned home I jumped on my single bike and headed up to the trail head in Morgan Hill to catch the Henry Coe ride. I had stuff headwinds all the way up for the 15 miles so I spend much of the time in the aero bars.

Several people showed up for the ride, including Jim W. and Doug R. I was a bit weak since I climbed Henry Coe twice yesterday and this was my fourth climb up the hill this week. But I pushed hard, trying to keep ahead of the other guys. Doug was running circles around me, however.

This chart shows the part of the climb that is timed for the San Jose Bicycle club race. Look for the splits 1 and 2, which mark the start and end points. I included the table with the splits. The chart is plotted against time so the elevation change should look linear if I am climbing at a constant number of feet per minute. It took me 43:30, which was about 5 minutes slower than I did in the real race condition. Even so I had to keep my heart rate up to average 160. This first chart show yesterday’s climb (click charts to enlarge).

Henry Coe Hill Climb 3-21-08

This next chart is from last October when I did the race over the same course. Look for the split No. 1 which was the end of the race. My actual race time was recorded as 37:34, although my watch showed slightly less. During the race I had to average 169 on my heart rate, quite a bit higher than today’s climb.  Click chart to enlarge.

Henry Coe Hill Climb Race 11-28-07

I was very tired when I got home yesterday.

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