Ulcer Century 2008

August 9, 2008 8:00 pm

We finished the 111 mile Ulcer Century today. The teams that were doing the team time trial went off at 7:20 AM and we left soon after that. Unlike last year, this year we saw a lot of riders go down. One rider was down at mile 5 as we passed by. He had a very bloody face standing on the side of the road surrounded by his teammates.

We initially stayed in a big pack and found it took a lot of concentration because some of the riders were less than experienced riding in a pace line than they should be for those 24 mph speeds we were going. One of the riders to the right of us hit a cone in the road when going through a round about and swerved to the right nearly going down and taking the rider to his right down too. It is a good thing that we left some extra distance and stayed on the side of the pack because at about mile 20, several riders went down at the front of the peleton we were in. We heard later that the front rider thought there was a right turn but then then suddenly corrected himself to go straight and someone touched a wheel.

We had enough of that so we decided to only pull, ride by ourselves or draft with a small group. We started to pass a lot of riders, including the teams and a large peloton formed behind us. We kept pulling for many miles until the rollers convinced us to slow the pace down and the riders went ahead. We saw a couple more riders who had gone down as we passed by. A bit scary.

Our first 62 miles was faster than last year, averaging 22 mph hour up to the lunch stop. I think we went out too fast because we had to slow the pace after lunch, but still finished with a total time of 5:52, so we met our goal of doing it under 6 hours. We arrived at the finish line at 1:14 pm, compared with 1:37 pm last year. Ann had some cramping starting at around mile 70, but she kept working through it. But you can see Ann looked great at the finish!

Franz’s average heart rate of 148 was significantly lower than last year;s 155, showing that Ann had really improved.

This table shows a comparision with last year.

Ulcer Century

Distance: 110 miles, Climb: 1,320 feet
Avg. Speed
Max HR
Avg HR
7:22 am
1:14 pm
7:26 am
1:37 pm

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