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3 PRs in a Day

September 4, 2009 7:53 pm
3 PRs in a Day

Last post was 3rd time is NOT the charm because I was not able to set a PR on Alpine Loop after setting a new one on two other hills in the same week.  Our stay is drawing to a close so I am anxious to try to get some new best times up some of the local hills here after putting a new compact crank on my bike and after getting a new lighter new frame (under warranty).

About two weeks ago I did the 1000 Warriors race and had terrible cramping on the final climb up Snowbird.  I usually only get to climb this hill after a lot of biking in terms of distance and climbing.  Since Anne needed to return something to a store in Salt Lake I thought this was a good time to do the usual bike route in reverse so I had her drop me off on Wasatch Blvd.

I figured I could set a new best time up Snowbird since I would not have that many miles on my legs before I started.  I am proud to say I was not passed by any other cyclist this time and I passed everyone in sight (an old guy on a recumbent and another ld guy on a mountain bike).  I ended up with a time that was about 8 minutes faster than my prior best time I did on a training ride.

After descending back down I rode the 1000 Warriors route in reverse until I reached the bottom of Transverse Ridge (the north side of Suncrest).  If thought maybe I could set a new PR on this hill also so I took my heart rate up to a rather high level and kept it there for the entire climb.  I was able to take three minutes off my prior best time.

I was feeling rather tired and was tempted to ride back home the flat way.  But after making a brief stop to get some more liquid in me (it was hot in the low 90’s) I decided to stick with my original plan and go up American Fork Canyon, then down the Alpine Loop.  As I started the climb, I was feeling in pretty good shape and decided to give it a go to see if I could sent a 3rd PR for the day, something I have never been able to do before.  I passed a couple of riders I recognized that had the “Ride for a Reason” jersey on.  One joined me for awhile but when I answered his question that it was 3 miles to the summit, he backed off to join his friend.  I was checking the time on the mile markers and about 1.5 miles from the top I knew I would be able to set a new record time.  I ended up taking another 2 minutes off.  So with the 3 new PRs I collectively took 13 minutes off, which I was very happy about.

It was getting a bit cool as I started to descend down the Alpine Loop.  I am sure that the temperature was high enough but after pushing my body so hard on three tough climbs, I guess I should have stopped and rested.  I did decide to take it easy going down.  About 6 miles from home I had a flat on the rear tire.  Normally  would have been frustrated to flat so close to home but I was so happy with my riding that I just took it in stride.

Here is all the data.  You will see that my LT has moved up from my training because I was able to sustain heart rates over 165 bpm for almost an hour.  Before I would have been cooked if I tried that.  My maximum heart rate for the day was 177, so I guess my maximum heart rate is still around 180.  I am not quite sure why I ever let my heart rate go to 177, I guess I got excited near the top of Transverse Ridge with my time.

Lucky Seven Training Rides

70+ Miles, 7,000+ Feet of Climbing
Alpine Loop
Trans. Ridge
AF Cyn
Squaw Peak Snow Bird
Total Ride
8.9 mi
3.9 mi
3.5 mi
8.4 mi
4.4 mi 6.1 mi Dist Climb Rolling Avg.
1,620 2,440 Mi. Feet MPH HR
New PR 23:53 57:25 50:13
Prior PR 55:37 23:54 26:52 59:24 31:51 58:12
9/4/09 69 7,380 13.7 141
Time 23:53 57:25 50:13
HR 169 162 166
8/22/09 – 1000 Warriors Race 95 9,500 14.6 148
Time 1:06 0:26 1:40
HR 160 166 142
8/14/09 80 8,840 13.3 146
Time 1:01:57 0:24:52 0:32:45 0:58:12
HR 158 155 159 163
8/10/09 102 10,900 12.2 134
Time 1:06:31 0:27:20 0:28:44 1:05:46 0:42:45
HR 150 155 160 157 157
8/27/08 84 8,500 13.7 131
HR 159 156 164 167
8/20/08 84 8,500 13.2 132
HR 141 158 156 155
8/16/08 – 300 Warrirors Race 96 9,500 15.1 151
Time 1:04:39 27:15 1:04:51
HR 154 156 155

Here is my heart rate chart. You can see I went into the red zone on many of the climbs, especially on Transverse Ridge.  Click to enlarge.


3rd Time is Not the Charm

September 1, 2009 8:19 pm

I have been feeling light on the bike lately, setting new PR records up Suncrest and Squaw Peak in the last week. I decided to give it a shot to set a new PR going up the Alpine Loop. Actually I was headed over the mountain, then up Suncrest, before meeting Anne for the regularly scheduled Utah Velo ride. I ended up with a total of 72 miles today, that coupled with going all out yesterday to set a new Squaw Peak PR, I guess I just didn’t have quite enough left on the Alpine Loop. But I did get my best time this year.  I kept my heart rate between 158 and 162 for most of the climb, but did take it into the 170’s for the last 1.5 miles.

Alpine Loop Climb

Distance: 8.7 miles, Climb: 2,836 feet, Avg Grade: 6.2% (10%)
Time from Provo Canyon Highway 189 to Summit
Max HR
Avg HR
9/1/09 Franz 0:58:50 139
7/31/09 Franz 1:01:09 141