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Tommorrow I WILL NOT BIKE!

June 5, 2010 8:25 pm

Tomorrow I WILL NOT BIKE.  Tomorrow I WILL NOT BIKE. I have to keep repeating this to myself because I definitely need a day off.  It has now been 13 consecutive days biking, several days with double workouts, running and biking or two bike rides. During those 13 days I racked up nearly 700 miles. This chart, from my Hoodoo 500 training program shows the miles in each week. I am ahead of my training program and need some recovery.  Tomorrow I WILL NOT BIKE!

Yesterday after a 44 mile ride I was feeling ragged, my right calf muscle was still hurting and now my left ankle started to hurt. I thought I should have taken the day off. Today, after a 85 mile ride I was actually felling fine with no joint or muscle problems like the prior two days.  With that it is easy to start thinking I don’t need any recovery and can keep going. But I will say it one more time, tomorrow I WILL NOT BIKE!