Hoodoo 500 Training

July 12, 2012 5:04 pm
Hoodoo 500 Training

Until a couple of weeks okay, I was not planning on doing the Hoodoo 500 bicycle race.  It was two years ago that I was planning doing this race as part of a two man relay team.  However, due to an uncertainty about my heart  condition I had to back out.  After a lot of testing it turned out that there was nothing wrong with my heart, only my blood pressure.  The initial medication was a beta blocker that really slowed me down.   You can see from these charts below where I stopped keeping track of my training during 2010 at Week 15.

A few weeks ago David and Deb suggested that I join them for a four person relay team.  They had originally signed up for doing the Hoodoo 500 as a solo tandem, but decided they wanted to switch to a four person team instead.  It took awhile to find a second female so we could enter as a mixed team.  Now it was time to get serious about training.  Fortunately I have been doing a lot of riding so ramping up things was not too difficult.  This week in Utah was my first chance, since Sierra to the Sea bicycle tour last month, when I was able to bike every day.  I also allowed some higher altitude training.   I completed the week with 406 miles and 32,467 feet of climbing. My original training plan was for a two person relay team, so it should be fully sufficient for a four person team, although  I will need to do more speed workouts.

Wednesday I did a solo ride aimed at a lot of climbing.  I climbed up to the summit of the Alpine Loop from 3 different roads, then added on Suncrest and Traverse Ridge to get in 8,800 feet of climbing for the day.  I was initially happy with my time up the Alpine Loop from the Provo side of 1:05, only about 5 minutes off my PR time.  But then my times later in the day started to fizzle and I felt very tired on the last climb.

Saturday we started on the Tandem on the Utah Velo ride.  It was fast paced, as expected for 55 miles.  My brother Mike joined us.  I guess I was pushing too hard on the tandem trying to keep up, especially the climb up Hobble Creek.  After returning home and switching to my single bike my brother and I went to climb Squaw Peak.  I was SO SLOW going up that hill and felt totally exhausted at the summit.  So although my total miles and feet of climbing for the week looks great, my endurance and speed has a ways to go yet.

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