Training for Hoodoo 500

August 22, 2012 4:57 pm
Training for Hoodoo 500

Finally Finished Training

Things are quite different than they were just two years ago when I was training to race the Hoodoo 500 on 5/28/2010 as part of a two man team.  On 7/12/2010, due to a pain in my left shoulder and a very high blood pressure, I made a late night visit to the emergency room.   Although they did not find anything, I had subsequent doctor visits and tests, all resulting in me going on blood pressure medication, one being a beta blocker which really slowed me down.  Racing the Hoodoo 500 just did not make the sense it had before so I switched to crewing the event.  See the prior blog post for all the details.

With no issues now with my blood pressure, even without the medication, I have been able to do a lot more training than before.  The Hoags asked me join to race the Hoodoo 500 again, this time as part of a mixed 4 person team.  I figure I would be able to get ready for that and when I looked at my prior cycling, I was already will into training for that type of distance.

See our team website.

I have now finished my training and in less than 48 hours the race will start.  I was glad I was able to reach my training plan targets most of the weeks.

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