New Wheels – Dura Ace 9000 C35

September 16, 2015 12:11 pm
New Wheels - Dura Ace 9000 C35

Just arrived today are the new DuraAce C35 wheelset.  I ordered these from ProBikeKit in England less than 2 weeks ago and today the US Postal Service delivered them to my front door.

When I lived in California I used their little brother, the DuraAce C24 wheels.  They were a great lightweight wheel that well meet my needs with the extensive climbing there.  In Utah there is more flat riding and more pace line efforts and it should not be surprising that many riders here use deep dish carbon wheels.  I was not ready to go that far so decided on a middle ground and bought the DuraAce C35 wheels.  At a depth of 35 mm, vs 45 to 55 mm on many deeper wheels, they may not have the full aero benefits, but they are shown to be very aero and don’t have the same issue of dealing with cross winds that a lightweight person like me wants to avoid.  At the same time they only weigh 100 grams more than the C24 wheels. They are billed as a all around wheel that you can use for training and racing.  A friend was using these wheels on our Italy cycling trip and really liked them more than the C24 wheels he used previously.

I weighed them right out of the box without skewers.  They measured:

Front: 685 grams
Rear:  845 grams

Features from the spec sheet

• D2 Rim design optimizes aerodynamics and stability
• New hubs for 2013, optimized for 11-speed system, utilizing OptBal Spoke System to provide balanced tension = more rigid & durable rear wheel overall
• Extra wide hub flange maximizes lateral rigidity.
• High strength, lightweight titanium freehub body
• Shimano angular contact bearings and oversize A7075 Alloy Axles
• 16 spokes front, 21 spokes rear
• 10/11-speed compatible
• Weight (without QR & rim tape) F: 662g / R: 826g

As an engineer I like the approach of the OptBal spoke system where it has 14 spokes on the drive side (where the stress is much greater) and 7 on the non-drive side.  Most wheels use the same number of spokes on both sides even though when someone breaks a spoke, it is almost always on the drive side.

I also like that they have an aluminum braking surface.  I don’t trust braking on a full carbon clincher rim and I don’t want to switch brake pad every time I switch wheels (such as putting on tubeless wheels).

I have them all ready to roll now and will test them out tomorrow.  I wonder how much they might have helped me on my race last Saturday, Lotoja.  I setup the C24 wheels with a wider range cassette so Anne can use them when she needs lighter wheels than what came with her new bike or we are riding where we want tubed tires instead of the tubeless tires I currently installed for her.


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