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Duathlon Nationals

June 25, 2016 4:59 pm
Duathlon Nationals

I finished competing in the USA Triathlon Duathlon Nationals in Bend Oregon.  I raced the standard distance course, which was 10K run, followed by a 40K bike and finishing with a 5K run.  It was a cold start, near 40 degrees so I wore some light arm warmers for the first run and bike.  I was nervous at the start because I didn’t want to over do the pace.  The first wave was all women over 55 and all men over 60 so it included a rather big group.

FullSizeRender (2)

Shortly after going through the start gate, the course had us make a right turn onto a running path on the side of the road.  It was too congested and the guy right in front of me went down, nearly taking me down also.  I was lucky that I was able to jump over and to the side and keep on running.  I had decided to keep my first run to a 9 min/mile pace.  Not very fast but about what I figured I could do and still perform well on the rest of the event.  I kept track on my Garmin 920XT GPS device and resisted the temptation to go faster, even though I felt I was falling a bit behind.  When I finished the run and got on the bike, I was then in more familiar territory.  It was a 20K out and back bike look which we repeated twice.  Each lap included 900 feet of climbing, with the grades up to about 6%.  I found myself passing many riders on the second lap where we were now mixed with younger age groups doing their first lap up the hill.

My second transition time was too long.  I had put an endurolyte tablet in my tri box on the top tube and I was worried about cramping on the last run so I wasted too much time trying to retrieve it.  I finally gave up and started the run.  It turned out I did not cramp, although I was probably running the first mile a bit slower that I might have.  It had warmed up quite a bit so I shed the light arm warmers before the final run.


There were a total of 20 in my age group, males 65-69 but one had a DNF as I mentioned when he took a fall shortly after the start of the first run.  Several of the 65 year olds did very well the prior year in the 60-64 age group so I knew there was no chance to get a top finish.  My running was just not like it use to be with spending only a couple of months of training, with the groin sprain to deal with, make it difficult.  I was thrilled when I found out I came in 10th place.  Looking at the times, I can see that my strong suite was biking, which is quite the reversal of several yeas ago when I was running more strongly.  I could have done even better on the bike, but had cut way back doing speed work on the bike so I could focus on running, which turned out to be the right choice since I still placed 6th overall on the bike leg, partially due to it involved 1,800 feet of climbing which was better for me.

Duathlon Results

As in most all races, I was very glad when I finally came across the finish line.


My time was good enough to qualify for Worlds in 2017.  I have already registered to hold a spot on Team USA.  It is being held August, 2017 in Penticton, British Columbia, Canada.  I am excited to go because I have never been at a Worlds Championship.  Picking a sport like the duathlon, that does not have as many participants, coupled with being in an older age group, allowed me to get a slot.

Finished Training for Duathlon Nationals

June 22, 2016 10:53 am
Finished Training for Duathlon Nationals

Three days from today is the USA Triathlon Duathlon National Championship in Bend Oregon.  When I saw this web posting I started to wonder why am I racing.  I am hardly one of the nations fastest duathletes.  When I decided in March to enter, I realized there was no chance to get on the podium.  The fastest times last year for my age group were running faster than I could run in my 30’s.  But I was pretty good at running when I ran the Boston Marathon in 2007.  So I looked at the last place times and figure I could probably beat that, but based on my current speed, I am not so sure.  Still, I am excited to be participating.  It is going to be a cold start, maybe in the high 40’s.

Nartionals Article

Putting in the training for this event has been more difficult than I expected.  It has been awhile since I did serious training for running and the speed didn’t come back quite like I expected.  Even worse is I was pushing the speed work too much and ended up getting a groin sprain, just before the Sand Hollow Duathlon.  I was able to compete in that event but it might have made the injury worse.  So I had to back off the running speed work and also back off cycling even more than I had.  This chart shows the interval training running 10 x 1/3 mile intervals.  I was making some good progress until I got injured late May.  By the time I was able to do speed work again, I had slowed to where I was when I started.  It has only been the last couple of weeks where I was able to get back on track.  I lost 2 or 3 weeks of training.  Although I am happy getting down to about a 7:30 pace for the intervals, I use to be able to run a half marathon at close to that pace.

.  Running Intervals

While my running has not improved as I had hoped, my cycling has declined since March because I had to focus on running, which had become my weakness rather than my strength.  I finally went out and did a set of 3 minute intervals on the bike.  The results were not very encouraging, but I may have just had an off day.

Cycling Intervals

I saw this article by a coach who is racing himself, along with two of his athletes, one a national champion.


He had 5 points for preparation.

1. Focus on making your weakness your strength. I did that by focus on running although it did cost me on cycling.

2. Add brick workouts to your training.  I have done brick load of brick workouts and have a good feel of how I will feel when I start biking after running and start running after biking.

3. Practice transition. I did one duathlon for training and have done several transitions as part of my brick workouts to practice the transition.  Today I did a dry run of the duathlon, using all the gear, except my runs were just about 50 yards and my bike was easy since I am tapering.

4. Don’t wait until race day to figure out the best hydration and nutrition strategy. I think I have a plan and tested it today on a long ride.

5. Come up with your own mantra. Not sure what my mantra should be.  “Don’t Finish Last” doesn’t seem very inspiring.  Anne suggested “I Can Do Hard Things”.  I think I will use that but change it to “I Can Do Hard Things Fast” and I also plan to have a lot of fun.





Ready to Race – Trek Speed Concept

May 13, 2016 2:52 pm

I signed up for a couple Duathlons this summer.  The first one, a local event, is in a week so I moved my Enve carbon tubular wheels over to my Trek Speed Concept bike.  Moving the wheels was easy enough but changing the brake pads to carbon specific pads was much harder than on a regular road bike.  I guess that is the price you pay to have an aero bike that takes great efforts to make things as aero as possible.


Things were also made more difficult by the difference in clearance between the Bontrager brake shoes and typical Shimano brake pads.  Things were such a tight fit I had to remove the entire brake shoe from the bike to do the swap.  That meant removing the covers for both the front on rear brakes to get easy access to do the swap and to make sure I had the brake shoes aligned up correctly.

So how fast is the Speed Concept?  I think it is fast but even though I have taken it on several rides, totaling over 300 miles, I was not sure I am much faster than on my Trek Domane.  The race in one week is mostly part of my training program and even though it has steep one mile climb I plan to use my Speed Concept to get the full experience.  My real target is the Nationals Duathlon Championship in Bend Oregon, the last Saturday in June.  They finally posted the course description. It looks like about 2.2% average grade for 6.5 miles where you turn around and go down to the start.  You repeat this lap again for about 1500 feet of climbing over 40K.  I started to wonder if using my lighter road bike would be better than the Speed Concept so I did some estimates.  Using my weight and the 19 lb Speed Concept, assuming I stay in the aerobars, putting out 160 watts on the uphill and 130 watts on the downhill, I used a very useful Bicycle Calculator to get these values for the outbound and return.


Using my road bike which is 3.5 lbs lighter, same wattage but on the bar tops for climbing and hoods descending I get this result


If you add the outbound and return together and double for the two laps, you get this comparison for the Speed Concept time trial bike vs. my lighter Trek Domane road bike.


This means for 40K the Speed Concept could be upwards of 12 minutes faster than my lighter road bike, which of course assumes I am in the aero position for the entire time.  Not only is it faster, I use less energy so have more left for the final 5K run.  This also doesn’t consider all the aerodynamic advantages of the Speed Concept over the Domane.  So the money I spent on this new bike should bring some significant speed improvement assume ideal conditions.  I only wish I could spend money to improve my running speed by the same amount of time.